At its June 1, 2020 City Council Meeting, Troy City Council passed a resolution providing allowances for additional temporary signage.  Businesses have been impacted greatly by the pandemic, and this resolution provides an opportunity for every Troy business owner to place an additional temporary sign on their property or structure to advertise their business.

Chapter 85 of the Sign Ordinance permits the total aggregate sign area of all temporary signs on any one site shall not exceed fourteen (14) square feet. This limits business owners in multi-tenant buildings, as technically the building sits on one site. Furthermore, Chapter 85 limits the maximum size of individual temporary signs to not exceed six square feet in area.

The new temporary allowances would permit each business in the City of Troy to place one temporary sign not exceeding twelve (12) square feet in area and four (4) feet in height (if attached to the ground). The temporary sign may be attached to the ground or a structure. These temporary signs shall not require a Sign Permit from the City of Troy. The temporary signs shall be placed on private property in non-residential zoning districts in such a manner as to not negatively impact public health, safety and welfare. The temporary signs shall be removed within one hundred eighty (180) days of the date of this resolution.

If you have questions, contact the Troy Planning Department at 248.524.3366.