TROY, – In an unprecedented time of isolation and uncertainty, The Woodbeck Team took early steps to transition into a virtual work environment and now leads as an example of business to consumer continuity and community outreach.

A powerhouse in real estate, The Woodbeck Team is known for their multi-faceted marketing approach and providing exemplary results for their clients. They’ve led the way in ultra-customized service by utilizing a strong social media presence interwoven with traditional open houses and in-person viewings, earning a reputation as innovative leaders in the industry.

Entering uncharted territory
At the onset of the current health crisis, the world began changing quickly. Looming ahead was the reality normal business practices and in-person interactions were soon to be halted. “As a small business owner, I started to reflect on how we pivot our business should it be considered nonessential. How do we keep our salary employees and support commission-based agents? I realized we had to get ahead of this, so I called together our ops team and we huddled for 4 hours in a think tank to put together a completely new business plan for a virtual world,” states Jessica Woodbeck, CEO/co-founder along with her husband Justin Woodbeck. They started the process in mid-March before the stay at home mandate was in place. “I was on the phone with people from all over the world who were dealing with this before us.”

More than simply working from home
It was quickly decided to transition everyone out of the office; however, the Woodbecks didn’t initiate this without a detailed plan of action. It was important to provide comprehensive support and resources for the entire group. “Our company was not virtual, and although we are technology savvy we were based on a culture of synergy in the office daily,” Woodbeck said. “What would our people be missing as we move into isolation and become cloud based? What would they feel? What would they need in order to remain productive to have income?”

The ops team honed in on the two most essential factors needed for their team: clarity and engagement. Keep the team feeling confident and competent by providing clear and concise information that is one step ahead of the general melee of misinformation inundating the media. Engagement became specifically important. “Structure without being stifling has always been our business plan and we increased that by 150%,” stated Woodbeck.

How did they do this? Video conferencing occurs daily/weekly to encourage internal organization and maintain their established community atmosphere. “It was decided to take the time to train like warriors and give people a purpose and sense of belonging in this cloud based world. We needed to get through the negative aspect and keep people clear and engaged and productive.”

Empowering the industry by example
The Woodbeck Team’s transition spearheaded the real estate industry as a model for a successful evolution to the virtual business world. Woodbeck notes, “We understand we are so much stronger together – inside and outside as a community – if we are sharing knowledge and sharing every step of the way about what we’ve been doing and what we need to be doing. How do we have consultations just as powerful? How do we now show homes and inventory? We decided to educate the industry on how to help us show homes by taking on the leadership role, and reaching out to other industry leaders and saying I highly suggest this implementation, action, etc.… In addition, we shared our schedule and training.”

Reaching out to the community
Once The Woodbeck Team secured their own team and industry, they moved into engagement with community. The question was how best to fill the gap of showing people we need to come together as a community. Within this purposeful isolation, how do we play our part?

Their initial outreach program is based on CORE4 training (body, being, business, balance), and focuses not only on their own company but expands to other small business owners to help expose them to The Woodbeck Team’s established and growing audience. Live streams featuring Jessica and Justin with local chefs, fitness experts, mixologists and other notables provide engaging, original content – something sorely lacking in today’s media entertainment. The Woodbeck team then gives back to the business and their audience with gift cards. This drives real business back to local establishments while providing exposure on the global, social platform. “We anticipate this will catch on enough that other cities, countries and states will do the same thing. What we can speak to is what we can control – our own people and business people connecting with each other. The gratitude connection and rapport being built has been absolutely incredible to see how it has infused our business and the community with motivation, focus and productivity. We are really working hard to keep mental health at an all time high. It’s important to keep moving so energy and body is balanced, sharpening skills,” says Woodbeck.

The team then asked, “How else can we bring positivity, joy and connection to neighborhoods?” While brainstorming hyper-local opportunities, the answer was right there: Give gratitude to our front line workers who endanger themselves and are making sacrifices daily. Band the community together to say ‘We know you’re doing your part and we appreciate you.’ This led to The Woodbeck Team investing in yard signs as a way to spread positivity and gratitude on a higher level. They reached out through Nextdoor and social media to identify local, front line heroes and placed these signs in their yards as well as those who want to show their support. “We are trying to do our part in helping everyone stay sane in the confines of their homes and help them feel like they can do a bigger part to support those on the front lines.”

“We’re layers deep in this,” says Woodbeck, “and continuously pivoting in ways we feel are keeping people happy, healthy and productive. That’s our focus right now, and if business comes from it then fantastic. Of course, everyone needs an income so we would be happy to stay in a zone of awareness but the focus is to play our part in community.”

You can find the schedule of CORE4 training on Woodbeck Team Facebook page. Each week highlights a new business owner. Invite your friends to join virtually for motivation, inspiration, guidance and entertainment.

Visit the to see their latest gratitude sign delivery to show support for those working on the front lines.

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Short Bio: The Woodbecks are a truly selfless duo who always pour into their team as a whole and individually, as well as local realtors and businesses/community. Agents on the team refer to them as work mom and dad. The Woodbeck Team is a tight knit team of 14 people.