Rochester Hills, Mich. >> With scams and hacking on the rise, local financial advisors Stoney Creek Advisors, LLC will now be offering free seminars to protect the local community against scams.

SCA recently invested in cybersecurity resources from Savvy Cybersecurity, a company dedicated to educating the public about cybersecurity and how they can protect themselves. They will be offering free webinars and resources to the community in partnership with Savvy Cybersecurity.

This comes as a Chinese hacking group called Hafnium recently launched a large-scale attack on over 30,000 U.S. organizations. According to Savvy Cybersecurity, the cyber espionage group exploited flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server email software and coordinated a massive attack on credit unions, local governments, hospitals, small businesses and other organizations. The group exposed sensitive business information online and possibly also launched ransomware campaigns that could affect hundreds of thousands of people.

Microsoft has reported that about 90% of the affected servers have been patched, but there is still a possibility that thousands may be affected.

Check out this detection tool to see if you’ve been compromised. Make sure that you continue to be vigilant, and not open suspicious links.

Access tools like these to combat hacking threats with SCA and Savvy Cybersecurity through a free upcoming webinar.

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