Ann Arbor, MI – [May 16, 2018] – Frank R. Mitchell, CITRMS®, with Sigma Financial Corporation, will be speaking at the June 7, 2018 Troy Chamber of Commerce about cybersecurity, identity theft, and fraud on behalf of Commerce Member and Financial Advisor, Chuck Vercellone. Frank will share real-life, personal stories about his experiences stealing information and cloning people’s identities as an ethical social engineer (identity thief). Attendees will learn the truth behind identity theft and practical self-defense concepts to help manage the behavior that puts individuals at risk.

Since 2006, Frank R. Mitchell has dedicated over 15,000 hours researching how people manage Confidential and Sensitive Information personally and in the workplace. Over that time, he has innovated programs with now proven track records for assessing risk, training people, and mitigating information loss for hundreds of organizations nationwide. Perhaps his most notable methodology is manipulating people in real-life situations by acting as a social engineer (an identity thief) to test his clients’ preparedness.

Please note that these social engineering exercises were all performed with the contractual consent of the client. In other words, Frank is an “ethical identity thief,” not a criminal. This first-hand understanding of the way a thief operates gives Frank a unique advantage in the marketplace. His professional experience as well as his personal disposition have formed the basis of his risk management philosophy. “The two greatest risks to any individual are their own behavior and other people’s behavior.”

To find out more about cybersecurity, identity theft, and fraud, or to learn more about how Sigma Financial Corporation educates its advisors on these topics, contact Chuck Vercellone at (248) 680-4622.


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