Troy, Michigan. When someone has great influence and authority, they are often referred to as a titan. So, it seems only fitting that Samex’s recently launched Big Business Blueprint (B3) is powered by its AI platform, dubbed TITAN. Afterall, B3 is aimed squarely at giving tech companies a clear path to the establishment and growth of their SaaS based businesses.

Samex was founded by Jenkins Ebiware Jr., a 20-year tech-veteran and software developer, with the goal of accelerating the evolution of business by helping technology companies be more agile, innovative, and profitable while allowing their employees to have a better work/life balance.

B3 is an online virtual consulting and training platform that takes entrepreneurs and leaders on a 12-stage interactive learning experience. Using a proprietary active learning methodology, B3 gives step-by-step guidance on the exact actions to take to start and grow a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based business. B3’s active learning methodology is blended with AI and automation for a multi-phase approach to setting goals and identifying risks, simplifying operations, raising capital, improving features and services, improving internal processes and training employees. Weekly consulting sessions are also available to subscribers and on-demand, A.I powered consulting lessons are also available to improve productivity, teach digital marketing and offer personalized guidance on improving personal and professional habits.

SaaS entrepreneurs in the Advertising, Finance and Healthcare industries can gain confidence as TITAN’s neural network learns from interactions to improve the active learning experience of B3. It also learns the business model as leaders improve their operations using Samex’s operational management software, Worksuite, also included with B3. This knowledge then allows TITAN to automate the business development of the organization. Shortening the sales cycle of SaaS products and putting the business in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right decision makers.

“Samex is on a mission to transform the workplace of today’s technology companies into stress-free, high performance environments. We do that through comprehensive training sessions and a technology-focused platform that improves productivity, helps you become your best self, and tap into cutting-edge tools and methodologies to grow your business,” said Ebiware. “Especially today, during this pandemic, many companies are seeing stalled growth, employee turnover and loss of sales and customers. The first 2 – 5 years are the most crucial for new tech companies. We have to find ways to adapt to this new normal and want entrepreneurs and leaders to know that they don’t have to go it alone. B3 was created with them in mind.”

About Samex

Samex is a management consulting organization that’s providing software-based service companies with a clear path to growth and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Established in 2017, and based in Troy, Michigan, USA.

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