A message from Troy Chamber member Steve Anderson, Business Development Manager at Rightsize Facility.

We’ve made it easier for everyone to order the AIS work-from-home bundle, making it easy for Rightsize Facility to service individuals in need around the country. The WFH bundle link is up and running and ready for traffic! When people order a bundle it will prompt them to enter their contact info and it will create the order and allow them to pay with credit card… and we can ship it straight to their house.

In this unprecedented time with nearly everyone working from home, Rightsize Facility is adapting to add additional value to our clients and their workforce – making sure they are working in a healthy and productive manner from their remote locations.

The attached bundle consists of one of our most popular mesh-back task chairs, an electric height adjustable desk and the option of an added clamp-on articulating monitor arm (or as many as you’d like to add). Residential doorstep delivery is included!

Please note in your messages that when you add an item to your cart, a green band appears on the screen. Click on the “shopping cart” link on the green band to check out.


Here’s the link to the PDF online. With the combination of both of these, you can do outlook merge blasts and not have to worry about an attachment.


Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or needs. We are here to help.

Wishing you health, safety and wellbeing, 


Business Development Manager


Direct: 248.792.8811