Kyphoplasty, Rhizotomy, and other in-office procedures will be offered at our new office location, at 3290 West Big Beaver Rd, Suite 150, in Troy. *We’re the first Suite on your right when you walk inside the East Entrance of the 3290 Sheffield Office Park Building.

A Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure which can provide substantial pain relief for patients that are suffering from vertebral compression fractures that can be caused from osteoporosis, trauma, or malignancy. By being able to provide this outpatient service locally, we hope to save patients the inconvenience of traveling and to catch these fractures before they require hospitalization for pain control. As you well know, the best way to visualize a vertebral compression fracture is by obtaining an X-Ray or MRI. If a patient desires to be seen for a procedure, from a surgical standpoint, a recent MRI is required.

We perform Kyphoplasties, as well as Rhizotomies, and Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI). Generally, these procedures are always scheduled the last Wednesday of each month, but can change month to month. Our next procedure day is scheduled Wednesday, 04/26/2017. Please call us at: 248-792-6527 with any questions!

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Jagannathan is not a pain specialist. Narcotic agreement will be signed for surgical patients only, and this does not include the procedures listed above.