This fall, Oakland University’s School of Health Science will offer a new Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science undergraduate degree program.

The new program will help prepare students for careers in exercise and fitness, health and wellness, and cardiac rehabilitation, as well as for application to graduate programs in the healthcare fields, such as physical therapy, exercise science, movement science or kinesiology.

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“It builds on an exercise science concentration and minor that have been available in the School of Health Sciences for many years, along with a master’s degree in exercise science,” said Kristine Thompson, P.T., Ph.D., chair of Human Movement Sciences and associate professor of Physical Therapy at Oakland University.

In addition to offering a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, the new program also offers a minor in exercise science and a concentration in pre-physical therapy, as well as elective courses for students interested in the relationship among physical activity, weight control, disease prevention, stress management and nutrition for optimal health and performance.

The degree program also provides students with opportunities for practicum, research and laboratory experience. It also prepares graduates for positions in the field and for competitive graduate degree programs.

“Our new Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science program provides students with a content-rich, community-engaged curriculum that will prepare them not only for careers in the field of exercise science, but also high demand post-graduate programs such as physical therapy,” said Daniel Goble, Ph.D., associate professor and coordinator of the Exercise Science program.

The program is open to current OU students, who can transfer into the program, as well as incoming freshmen.

“We’ve had a great response from the students so far,” Thompson said. “Many of them wanted to major in exercise science, and now they can.”

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