Oakland University’s Professional and Continuing Education program is partnering with Kaplan Test Prep to provide a research-based, comprehensive approach for preparing students to take the ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT and more.

Courses are offered year-round at a discounted rate of 20-40 percent off of the retail price. Payment plans are available for some course offerings.

“All of our PACE programming combines research expertise and real-world application to help students put themselves in a position for educational and career advancement,” said Amy Olind, assistant director of Professional and Continuing Education. “By partnering with Kaplan to offer a wide range of standardized test preparation courses, we can provide students with a discounted rate for high-quality programs that will help prepare them for their specific exam.”

The PACE/Kaplan method guides students through the training by using lessons and instructional models geared specifically to increase the likelihood of their test success. All of the courses are designed to provide test-taking strategies, refine test-taking skills and build confidence that students can call upon on test day. Courses are also backed by Kaplan’s Higher Score Guarantee.

Below is additional information about each test preparation program:

SAT Course:

Expert Kaplan instructors guide students through Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing, Math, and Essay lessons using Kaplan’s proprietary Prepare-Practice-Perform instructional model that reinforces important concepts and teaches methods and strategies for the new SAT exam. Full-length practice tests, online scoring, Smart Reports, and adaptive online assets provide students with many opportunities to practice and apply Kaplan methods and strategies, refine their skills, and build confidence on test day. More details are available by visiting the SAT Preparation web page.

ACT Course:
Expert instructors will help your student identify and excel at the question types most common on the exam, and they’ll share the proven strategies that will help them tackle the ACT like a pro. Students will gain confidence in knowing what to expect on the exam and knowing how to tackle questions quickly and accurately. With guided study plans, thousands of practice questions and full-length simulated exams, your child will be fully prepared to achieve their target score on test day! Learn about upcoming dates, costs and more specific information by visiting the ACT Preparation web page.
GMAT Course:

The GMAT course provides over 140 hours of total instruction and practice, including access to The GMAT Channel, taught live with access to recorded content also on demand. It also creates a study plan with personalized recommendations based on a student’s performance during the course. All courses are backed by Kaplan’s higher score guarantee. More details about the course are available by visiting the GMAT Preparation web page.

GRE Course:

Classroom sessions total 21 hours and are taught by an engaging, score-qualified GRE instructor. This course provides seven computer-based practice tests and access to a variety of online resources to complement the classroom learning. Find out more by visiting the GRE Preparation web page.

LSAT Course:

The LSAT preparation course provides 40 hours of in-class instruction and three proctored practices tests in addition to online learning opportunities. Find out more by visiting the LSAT Preparation web page.

MCAT Course:
Kaplan requires all MCAT instructors to be score-qualified and rigorously trained on the entire exam, ensuring that students will be taught by a team of MCAT experts. The program consists of 36 classroom hours and hundreds of hours of additional online study opportunities. Find out more cost and course information by visiting the MCAT Preparation web page.