Bobby Sulek donated his kidney, on August 7, 2019, to his son Michael (30 years old) who has endured surgery’s, colostomy bags and dialysis since birth.  

When celebrating life and his unselfish gift of kindness the family was presented with a complimentary meal from The Capital Grille (Manager: Roger C. Marais and Table Attendant: Nora Poupard.)

Such an extremely generous gift of kindness from this establishment.  We thank them for this wonderful occasion.

L to R: Dan Stross, Bobby Sulek (Kidney Donor), Wes Pikula, Carole Sulek Stross, Carolyn Pikula

Dinner and picture taken: August 28, 2019, exactly 3 weeks after surgery.

His son (kidney recipient), Michael is still recuperating at home but gaining strength every day.