A Business Outlook for a Post-COVID World – John Moore, Ph.D., CPA, Chair and Professor of Finance and Economics, Walsh College.

Presentation topics to include:

  • What has been the impact of COVID?  What’s the damage?  How does this stand in historical context?
  • How has the COVID episode changed the way we work and live?
  • What are the strategies that businesses might consider to adapt to these changes?

John Moore, Ph.D., CPA,  Chair and Professor of Finance and Economics, Walsh College

Dr. Moore began teaching as an adjunct professor at Walsh in 1994 before transitioning to full time in 2008. He also spent over 20 years as a CFO for private commercial real estate entities.

Dr. Moore’s primary research interests include business and economic history, technology change, economic policy, and commercial real estate. He serves or has served on the boards of The Economic Business and History Society, De La Salle Collegiate,  The Archdiocese of Detroit Catholic Schools Council and The Center for the Study of Citizenship.

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