Philip Power, Founder Center for Michigan

Philip H. Power is a retired newspaper publisher who helped over 40 years to energize and mold the community newspaper industry and founded a unique nonprofit, nonpartisan citizenship company, the Center for Michigan.

He founded and was owner and chairman of the board of HomeTown Communications Network, Inc., a group of 62 community newspapers and 24 telephone directories throughout Michigan and around Cincinnati, Ohio. Best known among this group were the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, which served suburban communities in the Detroit metropolitan area. An entrepreneurial start-up in 1965, the company came to be recognized as among the very best of its sort in the country while at the same time retaining its roots as a family firm. Taken together, his newspapers won more state and national awards for excellence than any other group in the country. His award-winning column continues to appear in Bridge Magazine, the Center for Michigan’s email publication.

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