Purpose: To develop and strengthen leadership skills through conversations, presentations and book reviews.

Date:  Thursday, June 6, 2019    Time:  8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Location: Northwood University, 1500 W. Big Beaver, Troy, MI 48084

Chair: Christina Concord, Owner of Antina Promotions

8:00-8:10       Warm-up: Member Introductions

8:10-8:55       Presentation: Barbara Boldt, Principal and Executive Communication Skills Coach of Boldt Global

An international facilitator specialized in global communication skills, Barbara lived and worked in Europe for 19 years, 11 in Italy and eight in Switzerland. She repatriated to Michigan in November of 2012.

Barbara has coached hundreds of global managers to present effectively in English, enabling them to understand the cultural differences in communication style that impact their ability to be clear and succinct in English. She has also coached American executives, helping them to create presentations that are focused, impactful and memorable. Using an interactive, results-oriented methodology, Barbara helps her clients improve their ability to get their ideas noticed and obtain the business results they need. Barbara’s gift is understanding what people want to say and helping them say it clearly, concisely and memorably.

Today’s Topic: Communicate Like a Leader

The adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” holds true for everyone, but it has particular meaning for leaders. When you are a leader, people watch your every move. In this 45 min., interactive workshop we will explore what goes into looking and sounding like a leader. As we will see, it has a lot more to do with what you do than what you say. Come to learn about some behaviors that scream “leader”, and some that do not.

8:55-9:05         Break

9:05-9:15         Book Review: Dr. Joan Hakonstaad; Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

From policing the rough streets of Kansas City, Missouri, to becoming the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator to teaching negotiation at leading universities, Chris Voss has tested the techniques in Never Split the Difference across the full spectrum of human endeavor and proved their effectiveness. Those who have benefited from these techniques include business clients generating millions in additional profits, MBA students getting better jobs, and even parents dealing with their kids.

9:15-9:30       Wrap Up: Takeaways, announcements and housekeeping items

*** NOTE:     NEXT MEETING: Thursday, July 11, 2019