8:10 – 8:50     Keynote Presentation by: Laura Oliveto, VP of Business Development for SS Digital Media

Laura Oliveto has represented various Troy Chamber of Commerce companies, including SS Digital Media, where she is vice president for business development. She has had a long career in the communications field, including online advertising, public relations and interactive design, in various positions, including sales executive, account manager and executive producer. An active member of the Troy Chamber’s Women’s Business Forum, Laura has been involved with Simply Shopping for several years and has participated in a few BDGs and the Leadership Enrichment Council. Attending Wayne State University, Laura studied theatre and served in multiple board positions with Stagecrafters, a local non-profit, where she acted, produced and directed many productions. She was president when the group purchased and renovated the historic Baldwin Theatre in Royal Oak. Currently, Laura is president of the Detroit chapter of the Association for Women in Communications, an international organization promoting professional development on all levels.

Topic: The Benefits of Blogging

“How blogging can put you in the experts seat and increase traffic to your website”

8:50 – 9:15  Leadership Enrichment Council discussion-continuation- Current evaluation and suggestions for the future   

9:15 – 9:30    Wrap-up: takeaways, announcements, and housekeeping items