WARREN, MI – ShopSync is pleased to join as new members of the Troy Chamber of Commerce. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider, headquartered in Warren, MI, caters to small manufacturers across the Midwest.

The software was built in-house at Eckhart, an Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions provider, for the past 15 years. It is a fully-integrated solution, managing core business processes from quote creation to shipping the product to the customer. It is tailored to job shop manufacturers and has evolved to meet the needs of custom workflows through close collaboration with its end-users.

ShopSync eliminates the need for additional software and various spreadsheets as all the data is in one location, and everyone has access to it. Harnessing real-time information, ShopSync can track highly custom assemblies enabling much more focused quoting and provides a significant advantage to business owners seeking levers to improve productivity and margins.

Easily monitor custom-engineered projects with a high-level of variables through custom screens, reports, and dashboards. ShopSync captures current and historical costs, and the information refreshes with every new entry providing a realistic view of a project’s performance at any given time. Mal Hulbanni, General Manager of Eckhart’s Lansing Operations, reiterates this point, “ShopSync gives me the ability to track my business daily, monthly, and annually from a capacity and financial standpoint. It allows me to monitor all of our jobs, all of our quotes, all of our throughput, day-in, and day-out on one quick view screen.”

Capturing all facets of cost with a click of a button, International Mold Corporation (IMC), a plastic fabrication company in Clinton Twp, MI, has found great success with ShopSync. The software enables company leaders to capture job costs more precisely, which has helped to improve quoting and winning new work. Mike Lilla, co-owner of IMC, commented, “If you are in any manufacturing environment where job costing and daily program management is required, ShopSync will be a perfect solution for your company. ShopSync has transformed how we run our business.”

The ShopSync team looks forward to networking with Troy Chamber of Commerce members and would be happy to set up an introductory call. Please contact Rachel Chard at rchard@shopsync.co or visit the company website at shopsync.co to learn more and schedule a live demonstration.

About ShopSync:
ShopSync is an American-owned and operated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions company that provides business intelligence & analytics for small business owners. ShopSync’s real-time dashboards track individual part details through all nodes of a manufacturing process and provide granular cost detail that increases quote to purchase order conversion, employee productivity, and financial margins. ShopSync is headquartered in Warren, MI. For additional information, please visit www.shopsync.co.

About Eckhart, Inc.:
With over 60 years of experience and based in Warren, Michigan, Eckhart engineers advanced industrial solutions that enhance the quality of life. Eckhart’s proven Industry 4.0 technology portfolio includes AUTOCRAFT™ autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), collaborative robotic systems, traditional robotics, assembly line design & simulation, 3D printing tool development & production, and ergonomic assembly tooling solutions for the world’s largest manufacturers. Eckhart serves an established and loyal, blue-chip customer base of leading automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers that include General Mills, Cargill, Stryker Medical, Boeing, John Deere, Honeywell, and Schneider Electric. For additional information, please visit www.eckhartusa.com.

ShopSync Contact:
Rachel Chard
Enterprise Solutions Manager