Community Housing Network is Oakland County’s largest nonprofit providing housing resources and affordable housing opportunities to individuals and families. Due to COVID-19, many families living in Community Housing Network (CHN) affordable housing, and surrounding communities, are now out of work, staying at home with children and aging parents, without the means to support them.

In an effort to support them during this time, CHN is collaborating with its partners across the region to provide essential services and needs for individuals and families in need. Each week, YMCA Metro Detroit offers food pick-up locations for any family with children at several locations. One of these locations is CHN’s Jefferson Oaks community. Hundreds of families are being served each week, providing them essentials needed to stay home and get through this crisis.

“Community Housing Network (CHN) sees first-hand the impact of this global health crisis on individuals and families already in need in the Metro Detroit area,” said Marc Craig, President and CEO, Community Housing Network. “Now us is the time to partner with all of our fellow service organizations to make sure that every family has what they need to manage through this crisis. In the past weeks we have depleted our reserve supplies in order to give directly to the shelters working on the frontlines, and are partnered with organizations like YMCA to ensure that there are safe food distribution sites.”

Residents of Jefferson Oaks are able to safely pick up food supplies each week from YMCA Metro Detroit volunteers. In addition, the surrounding community is invited to drive through the location to pick up food for children and families with children.

“The last few weeks have made one thing very clear: The community is counting on us! During one of the most challenging times in recent history, the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit is answering the call – as we have for 168 years – to respond to urgent community needs,” said Helene Weir, President and CEO, YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. “Our facilities may be closed, but the mission carries on as we continue to serve the community during this crisis. It is our honor to serve children and youth, family and community, and to champion health and wellness. Partnering with Community Housing Network and Jefferson Oaks helps ensure that children are fed and our mission is realized.”

Community Housing Network is a nonprofit organization committed to providing homes for people in need through proven strategies of homeless prevention, housing assistance and development, community education and referral, advocacy and additional services. The organization carries out its work in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties. For more information, visit

Photos Attached / Courtesy of YMCA Metro Detroit
YMCA team delivers food to families in Community Housing Network’s Jefferson Oaks community.