Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is honored to be chosen by the United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce (USVCC) as their official lender of choice for home loans. The USVCC, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is comprised of 27 independent state chambers (and growing), over 100,000 veteran designated businesses, 2.5 million dedicated veteran members, and 200+ Fortune 5000 affiliated companies.

Why the USVCC Chose Caliber
The USVCC had many choices but chose Caliber because we provide credibility in product and sincerity in message when engaging transitioning military, veterans, and their families. Through this partnership with USVCC, Caliber will have the opportunity to reach the USVCC’s several million members nationwide, to offer mortgage solutions and guidance.

More About this Relationship
Through this USVCC relationship, Caliber Home Loans is partnering with the following organizations:

• Veterans Advantage – The leading military benefits program in the country, for military, veterans and their families.

• Warrior & Invictus Games – Along with the USVCC, Caliber is now an official sponsor of the U.S. Department of Defense Warrior Games and Invictus Games, and the many powerful military veterans who compete each year.

Please reach out to Mark Gelbman, senior loan consultan, 248-705-4831 for more information.
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