Cadillac Health Services is one of the only licensed and insured mobile testing companies in Michigan.

We bring the testing to you to make it convenient and easy, with no long lines or waiting times. We are committed to providing you the most up-to-date and safest COVID-19 testing methods available today. Let our staff of experienced testing professionals come to your business and carefully administer your COVID-19 test and have results for you in minutes.

Our Mobile VIP Service is available for Business Locations, Events / Gatherings / Weddings, Residential Homes / Buildings (Apartments, Condominiums), Schools / Universities.

Tests Offered:

No Cost COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test
(Paid by your insurance or the CARES Act)
• Results in 1-3 days.
• Also known as “PCR” test
• 5 minutes to administer.
• No cost to you

COVID-19 Rapid Nasal Swab Test
• Results in 15 minutes.
• 5 minutes to administer.
• Get tested and get moving.

COVID-19 Rapid Finger Prick Antibody Test
• Results in 15 minutes.
• Is your body equipped with antibodies?
• You may have antibodies for many months after recovering from COVID-19.
• Antibodies ward off re-infection.

At Cadillac Health services we continue to provide our clients with the most state-of-the-art testing. Our new rapid tests are the most accurate available on the market.

For more information on the Mobil VIP Services or Covid-19 testing for your company, please go to or email at