The Troy Chamber’s mentorship program aims to match young professionals with more experienced professionals to exchange resources, provide insights and learn new skills. The goal is for participants to create a foundation of trust, to be professionally and personally rewarded by their conversations and establish connections.

To be considered for the program, mentees and mentors must fill out applications.

Once the application is filled out, mentees and mentors are placed in a matching process. Applications are analyzed to pair mentees with mentors that can provide the necessary resources and skills that the mentee has specifically called out in their application. Ultimately, the mentee decides who they want to be their mentor.

You can access applications here:



Once a mentor is selected, there will be a preliminary “no strings attached” meeting to make sure that the mentor/mentee is a good fit for both sides. Once matched, there will be a 6-month checkpoint to evaluate the mentorship.

It is recommended that there is contact each week, and one face-to-face contact each month set aside for interaction specific to the mentoring relationship.

This opportunity is open to Troy Chamber members. Admission is rolling so you can apply at any time.

Click here to view a list of current mentors available.

If you have any questions, contact Theresa Ervin – (248) 641-1606 /