Is college still relevant? And, if not, how can business help make it relevant?

These questions are the sort that students who are on the cusp of joining the workforce are concerned with. Questions that are a part of the larger discussion, dealing with how educational institutions are needing to restructure curriculum and resources to match the changes within the current business community.

The purpose of higher educational institutions has historically been to prepare and champion the future workforce. With the world rapidly changing the realm of education has undergone a major restructuring in the method and types of programs offered to students. Here in Oakland County we see that reflected in the innovative changes made to local universities and colleges. Upcoming Education 2.0 event’s panel includes three newly appointed and prominent collegiate leaders that are personally championing the future of the next generation of employees. They are embracing change and engaging in the race to create a future workforce who will become valuable assets to the business community. The event panel will include:

  • Marsha Kelliher, President/CEO of Walsh College
  • Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, President of Oakland University
  • Peter Provenzano Jr., Chancellor of Oakland Community College

This conversation effects the community as a whole. From the educational institutions themselves to the business owners, current students and future employers alike.

Get a sneak peak at the panel topics in the Troy Chamber Youtube, Mini Vids below! 

Education 2.0 Mini Vid’s – Oakland Community College

Education 2.0 Mini Vid’s – Walsh College

Learn more and register for October 17th event Education 2.0 HERE.

Learn more about the educational institutions participating in Education 2.0 event:

Oakland Community College  –  Walsh College  –  Oakland College