Andrea Fleischfresser, CPCC, PCC

Leadership and Career Coach Certified by International Coaching Federation, specialize working with clients from different nationalities, supporting them in their personal and professional transitions and who want to become more effective leader in a global context. I consider myself a global citizen, having lived in three different countries with unique experiences in each.  My passions for knowing different cultures and my personal and professional experiences abroad, allow me a better connection and understanding of clients from different cultures and nationalities in a powerful and meaningful way.

Currently, I work with leaders and managers enabling them to discover their own potential and allowing them to develop their leadership skills and strengths. I consider the individual as a whole person, believing in his capacity and potential, exploring his aspirations and breaking the barriers that are holding him back in his personal and professional life. Cross Cultural and career transition have been also significant part of my coaching and I have been engaged with the international community in Michigan offering powerful and transformative workshops.

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