Written By: Debbie Sosa, International Diamond Importers

When is engagement season? November through February are the most popular times when you get to say “Yes!”—but anytime of year pleases most brides to be! Maybe you’ve tried a few styles on. And while we’ll always love a classic engagement ring (think solitaires, pavé bands, and sparkling round-cut stones set in platinum or white gold), there’s always something new and totally jaw-dropping to consider. So if 2018 is looking like your engagement year, now’s the time to dive into the up-and-coming trends.

Open Rings

So unique, but still feels timeless. It gives brides a real opportunity for personalization and—bonus!!—she can have two stones. Whether you stick to diamonds or play with colored gemstones, the possibilities are endless.

Unique Stone Shapes

Traditional stone cuts will always be popular, but we’re seeing more and more brides opting for a shape that’s a little bit different. The shield cut, an angular shape that’s a far cry from your classic round stone, is one of many unique shapes to choose from.

East-West Settings

This style has been around for a little while, but the trend is getting even stronger this year. Almost every shape, from a marquise or oval to a pear or emerald-cut stone, can be set on the side, this way. It’s a great way to take a simple silhouette and make it unique.

Engagement Eternity Bands

Instead of a single stone, consider a blinged-out band. A lot of brides are opting out of solitaire settings and choosing more substantial eternity bands. A popular style alternates tapered baguettes and trillions. It provides a lot of bling as a big center stone but is more suited for brides who aren’t comfortable with the height of a solitaire. (We get many requests from nursing professionals for low profile wedding rings)

Colored Stones

More than ever, young couples are creating unique engagement rings with gemstones of all different colors. Nothing is more personal and special, than creating a testament to your love, with a color stone!

(This ring even has Giraffes on the sides!)

Chevron Bands

A lot of brides are mixing v-shaped bands into their ceremonial sets, even next to classic round engagement rings. Mixing different textures and designs, makes the final band very unique.  They stack beautifully, and also make a statement when worn alone.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is here to stay! But opting for a setting that holds the center stone in platinum or white gold, even if the rest of the ring is in a colored metal. Diamonds can take on the color of the metal they’re set in, so mixing metals within the ring will show a diamond in its best light.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds are becoming a popular alternative to both round and emerald shapes. And a bonus is the elongated shape can make your fingers look more slender. Oval shapes vary from stone to stone and therefore can be chosen based on how it looks on your hand.

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