“I am taking a stand against
mass produced spirits. I am here
to prove that American ingenuity and
quality American manufacturing
are still alive.”

RIFINO VALENTINE has a passion for quality. This passion makes quality the key ingredient in everything that Valentine works on. Rifino Valentine spent his childhood growing up in Leelanau County in Michigan. He then ventured off during his college years to attend Cornell University where he majored in economics as well as was a team member of the wresting team. In 1993, Valentine graduated from Cornell with his degree. From there, he went on to Wall Street where he was an equities trader for 11 years. His adventure into the spirits industry all started while he was out one night and had ordered a dirty martini. Valentine realized that the only way he could receive a dirty martini was to consume a massproduced, imported vodka. And people were claiming those to be “top shelf.” Yet, he didn’t understand why he wasn’t able to find a quality American produced vodka. This set him out on his mission that is known today as Valentine Distilling Co.

In 2005, he came back to Michigan and started working side-by-side with Dr. Berglund who leads the Michigan State University’s Artisan Distilling program. Dr. Berglund mentored Rifino to show him the ropes of fine distilling craftsmanship. His experience on Wall Street led Valentine to realize we were losing quality manufacturing in America. It is moving overseas and mass production has diminished the quality of products. Rifino set out on a goal to create a manufacturing business revolving around distilling quality products in the former birthplace of manufacturing known as Detroit. And in 2007, he founded Valentine Distilling Co. with the intent to show America that quality manufacturing still exists in Detroit. Valentine Distilling Co. is globally and nationally recognized. Valentine is a founding member and served as the first president of the Michigan Craft Distillers Association. He resides in Ferndale, Michigan with his wife Alina and dog Sherbet.

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