Within member associations networking is one of the most important benefits for members. Networking can provide a variety of new avenues with each new conversation having completely unique outcomes.

Connections made through conversation can help advance an individual and the industry in which they operate. With important connections a person can cultivate support for creating awareness for a particular cause, company, or industry.

Having and sharing knowledge is central to any Chamber or associations program. Troy Chamber of Commerce keeps that theme forefront through the information shared on the Chambers media platforms. Creating access and opportunities for members to grow their connections is a main focus when creating yearly event programming.

This April 11th the Chambers within the Oakland Chamber Network are working in partnership to host a spring mixer. The event is an effective collaboration, bringing together members from surrounding Chambers together to work towards the achievement of their business goals. Build your referral sources and prospective client base in a relaxed, atmosphere.

To learn more about the April 11th Oakland Chamber Network Mixer visit: https://www.troychamber.com/events/oakland-chamber-network-ocn-mixer-2/