5 Reasons you Should Advertise with the Troy Chamber

1. Reach a Highly Targeted Audience

With over 2,100 local business contacts, we’ve got the right audience for your message. Our database is comprised of business execs, sole-proprietors, managers, directors and employees from nearly 650 member companies in SE Michigan.

2. Do More, Save More

Compared to traditional media publications, our advertising prices are more affordable. Added bonus: we can provide awesome discounts if you purchase an advertising package.

3. Customize Your Advertising Package

Because we’re not restricted by any deadlines or guidelines, we can customize to fit your needs. With our custom package, you can be strategic about when, where and what you’re advertising.

4. Increase ROI

When you advertise with the Troy Chamber, you see results. Just take it from Sumit Banal, Owner of Troy Hand & Stone Massage & Spa:

“As a Troy Chamber member, we did marketing through the Member-2-Member guide, Eblasts, banner ads and much more. It was amazing to see the number of people who took advantage of these offers. It is a very inexpensive way to reach so many people and the ROI is outstanding. Highly recommended!!!”

5. Measurable Results

When you invest in advertising with the Troy Chamber, you’ll get measurable results. No matter how big or small the advertising campaign, we provide post campaign analysis so you can use that information to optimize future marketing efforts.

Want to get more information? Call Jessica Hruska at (248) 641-1606 or send an email.