Battling Dyslexia in Troy Michigan

Brainspring Educator Academy moves to Troy, Michigan

Troy, MI., August 6th, 2018 – Brainspring has announced the opening of their new main office in Troy, MI. This office will house the administrative staff for Brainspring as well as provide Orton-Gillingham professional development for local educators and tutors from Brainspring’s twelve different learning center locations in southeast Michigan.

The Orton-Gillingham approach has been proven effective for all learners but especially for those with dyslexia. According to Dr. Sally Shaywitz, a leader in dyslexia research, dyslexia affects as many as 1 in 5 students across the world.  In a school with five hundred students, there could be as many as one hundred students with dyslexia.  Approximately 20% of students have a difficulty learning to read, when utilizing traditional classroom approaches. This can impair their quality of life if it’s not remediated early in their learning career.  Imagine not being able to read your mail, your prescription labels, or a computer screen.

Michigan is currently one of only seven states that does not have legislation requiring early screening for dyslexia and mandating teacher professional development.  There have been several unsuccessful attempts to have legislature passed in the state of Michigan that would have brought guidelines for assessment and intervention of children who struggle with Dyslexia.

Brainspring has a team of certified instructors that travel the country bringing professional development to schools and districts in over 25 states.  Brainspring not only offers live trainings, but distance learning options as well. They also provide coaching for educators and leaders on how to best implement the Orton-Gillingham based program into the classroom. Brainspring is nationally accredited by the IDA and IMSLEC governing bodies.

Tim Crawford, general manager at Brainspring, says, “We are thrilled with our growth and excited to share our love for learning with more educators, children, and parents across the US. This main office will serve as a hub to further challenge and grow our program”.

About Brainspring:

Brainspring has eleven learning centers across Metro-Detroit that provide one-on-one tutoring in all subjects. They specialize in multisensory instruction for dyslexic and struggling readers.  Brainspring also provides professional development for educators and schools across the country and offers two levels of dyslexia certification.  Brainspring’s Orton-Gillingham based programs are accredited by The International Dyslexia Association and the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council.

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